Fast Movers

Our most popular sizes Faster

Fast Movers Service offers Chalfant's most popular sizes and styles of tray with quicker turnaround. All Chalfant customers are eligible for this service and all you have to do is say "Fast Track It: when ordering. The program includes our popular GR-Magic® Basket Tray and our Aluminum Ladder Trays. Order maximums may apply. 

Tray styles and sizes include:

Our popular GR-Magic in the following sizes and finishes:

And our trusted aluminum ladder tray in the following sizes:

To find out more about the Fast Movers program in your area contact our sales team:

[email protected]


*Maximum order quantities are (50) straight lengths and required accessories and (10) fittings. Customer must indicate "Fast Track" when ordering. Service subject to stock and availability. Orders received before noon (EST) are shipped by the next business day, orders placed after noon (EST) ship second business day. "Fast track" Orders must be placed through Chalfant customer service team to ensure fastest delivery (1-330-273-3510)