• 2018 Top Product Award Winners

    Chalfant Manufacturing was Awarded 2018 Top Product for our Patented Self-Connecting RKS-Magic Tray and our specially formulated PYROSIT Expanding Fire Protection Foam.
  • PYRO Protect FireStop Products BSS

    Introducing our Newest product offering. PYRO Protect FireStop Products specially designed to work with our cable tray offerings.
  • RKS-Magic

    RKS-Magic Self Connecting Cable Tray

    RKS-Magic self connecting cable trough makes installing straight runs and fittings a 'SNAP'
  • GR-Magic

    GR-Magic Self Connecting Cable Tray

    Gr-Magic self connecting wire mesh cable tray saves time and money over conventional mesh cable tray systems.
  • Made in Ohio

    Proudly Made in OH, USA

    Chalfant Manufacturing Company proudly manufacturers its cable trays right here in the USA. In fact we just recently expanded our manufacturing capabilities with a second USA production plant.
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Top Product Winners
Top Product Winners
Electrical Products and Solutions Magazine Names Chalfant Manufacturing Multiple Category Winner for 2018 Top Products
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